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The Rotary Club of Ipswich East
The Rotary Club of Ipswich East
The Rotary Club of Ipswich East

Information for Participants

Ipswich East Rotary Club has announced that the date of the 44th Orwell Challenge Walk,

Will be Sunday the 21st June 2020

 Information for all Walkers and Runners...

Assembly point and Headquarters for the Walk and Run will be -

Gainsborough Sports Centre, 5 Braziers Wood Road, Ipswich IP3 OSP. Tel: 01473 433644.

Car parking There is ample car parking space. Follow the signs and please do not park in the street.

You must bring Your Sponsorship Card. Please total the value per mile and donations before handing them in at Headquarters. You will then be handed your Check Card.

Food and drink Please bring your own food. Water, orange or lemon squash will be supplied free of charge upon request at all check points, as well as tea or coffee at Headquarters at the end of the Walk, or Run. The East of England COOP will be providing water bottles. There will be opportunities to purchase food and drink on the walk/ride and at Headquarters

At each control Ensure that a marshal signs your check card at each check point. First Aid is available and please report any emergency promptly.

Dogs Parts of the Walk/Run are over private land and it is regretted that dogs may not accompany participants. (Except for Guide Dogs)

Dropping out ALL WALKERS, AND RUNNERS, MUST REPORT TO THEIR CHECK IN DESK AT HEADQUARTERS AT THE END OF THE WALK, and OR RUN. If you drop out for any reason, you will be transported back to Headquarters - BUT PLEASE STILL REPORT IN.

Sweeper Marshal A marshal will leave Headquarters behind the last walker, or runner to sweep the complete course for the purpose of clearing the route and to ensure no casualty is left behind. If the sweeper overtakes you, you will be required to discontinue the event.


Additional information for Walkers only

Departure times Headquarters open at 7am. The last departure for people walking the full 25 miles is 9am, but those walking a shorter route may leave up to 10.30am. The high-tide time may mean that late starters will be transported to an appropriate checkpoint.

Course marking Directional boards and high visibility plastic ribbons, tied to stakes, hedgerows etc., will mark the route in difficult places. Keep to the paths and shut all gates. The route may be altered from previous years. Full details will be displayed and signposts show the changes. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW THE ROUTE.

Clothing Bring warm, waterproof clothing and either walking boots or stout shoes. A spare pair of socks may prove useful.

Distances The total length of the course for walkers and trail runners is approximately 25 miles. The distance given on your check card is that to your next control point. Those starting later in the day or completing shorter walks will be transported to an appropriate control point.

Routes There are three main walking / trail running routes:

  •     The Levington Loop - approximately 12 miles
  •     Fishponds Folly - approximately 19 miles
  •     The Orwell - approximately 25 miles

This year for those wanting to complete a marathon length trail run there will be an alternative route near the finish which will be clearly signposted.  There is also a running only route:

Please let the marshals know which walk you are aiming to complete. 

Entry Fee: For the Orwell Challenge Walk is only £15 for adults and £5 for children of 12 years and under. Discounted rates will apply to those registering before 31st of March the discounted rates are £12 for adults and £4 for children of 12 years and under.

Entry Fee:
Marathon £32 Half Marathon £24, both these rates are subject to a £2 addition for non-affiliated runners. Discounted rates will apply to those registering before 31st of March the discounted rates are £26 (£28 for non-affiliated) and £19 (£21 for non-affiliated)

This covers the administration costs of the event, free drinks at check points, certificate and medal for every participant; all surplus funds are donated to charity so simply by entering the event you are helping a charity or good cause.

Walkers, and Runners are encouraged to wear bright colours if they wish, emphasising the colour they bring to the charities they support. 


Rotary is a worldwide organisation which was founded in Chicago, USA in 1905. Club membership is made up of a cross-section of the community's business and professional men and women.

The Orwell Challenge

Our Walk, & Run, is open to anyone who would like to raise funds for any charitable cause. This could be anything from an international charity to a local scout troop...

Registration is now open for this years

Orwell challenge Walk and Run

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We’re looking for more men and women of all ages and backgrounds who may be interested in finding out more about the Rotary Club...

The Orwell Challenge, Sunday 21st of June 2020 - Register NOW!

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